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As you begin browsing our website and wondering why you would choose this company, ask yourself what you think is "The Most Important" aspect about shipping your Item. Craters & Freighters of Pittsburgh promises the best quality workmanship using the best materials and offering the best shipping solutions to provide you with a superior packing and shipping service. World Class Service and Superior Workmanship is what you will receive from us, "Guaranteed". We promise to save you time and give you Peace-Of-Mind.

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When you have an item that needs specialized custom packaging, crating and shipping, Craters and Freighters of Pittsburgh can help. We provide crating solutions for items of any weight and size. Over the years, Craters & Freighters has shipped a wide variety of items including a 24-foot dinosaur, a sculpture for the GOP national convention, a Van Gogh masterpiece, an authentic Jimi Hendrix guitar, a 130,000 lb. piece of machinery, and a whole data center of computer servers. If it’s too big, too heavy, too fragile, or too valuable for others, it’s just right for us.

To ensure your goods are perfectly packaged, crated, and shipped, our highly-trained packaging engineers and transportation experts consider the item’s many attributes including: weight, dimensions, value, fragility, and final destination. We meticulously package your items using job-specific cushioning systems and secure them into customized wooden or corrugated crates using industry standard techniques such as blocking and bracing. Our packaging and shipping experts will take care of all the details so your goods will arrive on time and damage free.

Craters and Freighters of Pittsburgh is the one source for all your specialty shipping needs including pick-up, packing, crating, shipping, delivering, and insuring.

Pickup & Delivery:

  • Business
  • Residential
  • Curbside, Dockside, or Inside
  • White Glove Service Available at Both Ends


  • Corrugated Shells and Wraps
  • Foam Cushioning Systems
  • Heat-Shrink Wrapping
  • Product Specific Impact and Vibration Protection
  • Vapor Barriers for Climate Protection
  • Anti-Static Materials for Sensitive Electronics


  • Custom Wood Crate Designs
  • Engineered Structures and Support Systems
  • ISPM 15 Export Compliant Heat Treated Wood
  • Re-Usable Crate Solutions


  • Domestic
  • International
  • Truckload / LTL
  • Ground / Air / Ocean

Cargo Insurance:

  • Full Coverage Cargo Insurance
  • Limited Coverage
  • Used Machinery & Electronics

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